How much water do you need to drink daily?

Hello dear readers

There are a thousand benefits of drinking water, which show you the importance of it. I haven’t mentioned yet how much water you have to drink daily. So how much of it do you really need? Remember, everything contains water. From meat products to everything else. However, 80% of your daily intake of water comes from beverages.

The institute of medicine, recommends this much total water to be consumed daily:

  • Men need 7 litersor 125 ounces of total water daily.
    That comes out to 7.4 standard 16.9 fl oz water bottles.
  • Women need  7 liters or 91 ouncesof total water daily.
    That comes out to 5.4 standard 16.9 fl oz water bottles.

So ladies and gentlemen, drink up! Water isn’t only the key to your survival, but to your daily well-being. That extra glass of water will help you feel and look great, so do it. Keep drinking it throughout the day.

Liesbeth T.


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